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Custom Sawmill Work – Live Edge Planks, Kiln Dried Wood, Cherry, Oak, Pine & Other Hardwoods

Sawmill North Florida

North Florida's Larges Sawmill 54 1/2 inches by 12 feet

Pecan North Florida Sawmil extra large pecan live edge slab

Custom Sawmill Work – North Florida, South Georgia – Two Saw Mills
MAXIMUM Wood Milling Size on the Wood-Mizer LX 250 is 54 1/2" x 12'

Our rough cut live edge slabs & lumber come in a variety of sizes, cuts and types. In 2017, we installed a new LT50 Wood-Mizer sawmill. We specialize in pine and hardwood lumber and timbers that are hard to find. We can cut up to 34" . Now in 2020 we now have a Wood-Mizer LX-250 which handles an amazing width of 54 1/2" x 12' long.

sawmill live edge slabWe offer special custom milling of unique hardwoods and lumber up to 34 inches wide using our LT50 saw. Our north Florida sawmill has live edge slabs available at our sawmill located just south of Havana, Florida. Live edge pieces are typically used for desks, table tops, conference tables, shelving, coffee bars and tables.

From construction jobs needing "open beam" rough cut timbers, to any type wood planks up to 34" wide our sawmill can do the job. We custom cut all pieces to customer specifications – we are one of the best sawmills in North Florida and South Georgia. Call us for your wood cutting and custom sawmill needs 850-562-6383.

wood from north florida sawmill

Kiln Dryied Wood from our SawmillFor consistent drying and non-shrinking of finished sawmill cut planks and timbers, our kiln has a 5,000 BF capacity. This ensures that your wood project has consistent cuts and is properly dried before pick up or delivery of your job.

Kiln Dried Lumber

Serving the North Florida and South Georgia region for over 25 years.

Live Edge Sawmill North Florida

Live Edge Sawmill Florida