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Firewood Tallahassee, North Florida & South Georgia

Tallahassee Havana Firewood

We sell firewood in Tallahassee and surrounding communities. Since 1988, we have been using a Multitek Firewood Processor. We cut and split mostly hardwoods like oak firewood, hickory firewood and cherry firewood but can accommodate any firewood needs.

Most of the firewood is sold locally, but we have shipped to other locations in and out of the state of Florida. Come on out and load up your truck then take it to the main house for measurements...

Call for Pricing on Costs for Firewood

We charge by the cubic foot. Pricing can vary due to the increase in fuel prices and also for larger quantities sold using the front end loader. You can save on firewood at Boatright Timber Service.

firewood for sale

Dennis cutting firewoodWe are regulated by Florida standard weights and measures assuring you get the wood you purchased.






Serving the North Florida and South Georgia region for over 25 years.